Tragedy Khadafi & Big Twins Join Omen44 In "Plug" Video


Queensbridge Projects legend Tragedy Khadafi along with Big Twins (Infamous Mobb) join Omen44 in new single/video “Plug.” The national/international Hip Hop veteran embodies the essence of the plug before it was tainted by the streets and drug dealers. Omen44 doesn’t disappoint with his signature bars and slick metaphors, weaving together Japanese and New York Hip Hop culture.


Although he displays a lyrical sickness, Omen44’s deliverance is smooth to ensure audiences grasp his message and stance. “I’m with the kings of QB NYC the plug is international JP" immediately sets the tone and captures the premise of the record.


The trio deliver their verses amidst NYC famed cornerstones and landmarks. Both Big Twins and Tragedy Khadafi bring raw grittiness that balances Omen44’s soft hitting yet candid truths.

“Joy and Pain sunshine and Rain Amazing Grace caught in the Maze
Sophisticated boom boom I know you bitches need something new
I be the Ubermensch true true we be the chosen few.” –Omen44


The track flows as a well-bred dose of Boom Bap with striking keys that complement each emcee, provided by DJ Scratch Nice. The hook, “We the street pope slinging that dope bringing the loaf we be the plug running New York to ground zero,” will have Hip Hop heads crooning through all five boroughs.

Tragedy Khadafi & Big Twins Join Omen44 In "Plug" Video Tragedy Khadafi & Big Twins Join Omen44 In "Plug" Video Reviewed by Albert Miller on 22.12.23 Rating: 5

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