The Muse Frequency - "Diary of an Artist in Love" (Album)

The Muse Frequency delivers an intimate new album of meditation music best listened to with headphones on and eyes closed on "Diary of an Artist in Love". In the tradition of great poets and scholars like Rumi, The Muse Frequency presents listeners with a calming and ethereal meditation on love. Throughout this profoundly serene and uplifting full-length release, the artist and producer gently coaxes us into a meditative state by communicating in the most direct possible way. Just as J. Krishnamurti describes his talks as 'walking and talking with an old friend'The Muse Frequency's musical expression gives the experience of a sacred one-on-one conversation.

Originally inspired by the work of diarist Anais NinThe Muse Frequency aims to design an audio experience that feels confessional and personal. At the heart of it all, this wholly unique project creates intimate experiences meant for one listener, where they can close their eyes, shut out the rest of the world and drift off to beautiful places. 

"Diary of an Artist in Love was initially inspired by the published diaries of Anais Nin. There's an allure to reading personal thoughts on love and what it means to fall in love. And then there's the experience of having those thoughts read to you. I began Diary of an Artist in Love with the idea of quietly reading my thoughts on love and the nature of relationships to someone who was sitting very close to me, like a personal performance. Diary of an Artist in Love, by The Muse Frequency, is designed to create a meditative state through the intimate experience of being told a story on love for an audience of one."
The Muse Frequency - "Diary of an Artist in Love" (Album) The Muse Frequency - "Diary of an Artist in Love" (Album) Reviewed by Albert Miller on 11.8.23 Rating: 5

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