Mic Nickels feat. Method Man - "El Matador"

Prominent NYC Hip Hop Artist Mic Nickels has teamed up with Wu-Tang legend Method Man on hard-hitting new single "El Matador", out on streaming platforms July 21st. With 25 years in the game, Mic has the wit and wisdom of the best in the business. Mic Nickels and his ample poetic talents originally attracted the likes of MF Doom to this track, but sadly it could not be completed before he passed. It seems fitting for Method Man to bring his giant presence to this spirited boom bap banger. This new release is accompanied by 3 remixes.

"This track was originally slated to feature MF DOOM. He agreed before he passed but never completed it.  Eventually we filled the slot great Method Man, which was incredible.  A complete honor for him to hear my music and say yea, I can get with that!  The idea behind the track was to discuss how one deals with their opponents, almost how a matador plays with their aggressor. The premise came to me after reaching The Sun Also Rises, by Hemingway. I wrote and recorded it before anyone emcee listened, so it doesn't cater towards Meth or anyone else's style. Just pure poetry. 

This is the final single from the album Bars for Days, released 12/21, which also comes with my ethnographic memoir that bares the same title and cover.  Readers can access the album directly from the book, and will find certain stories correspond with the music directly."
 - Mic Nickels

This collaboration is also accompanied by an animated music video that has the cut-throat energy of a graphic novel.
Mic Nickels feat. Method Man - "El Matador" Mic Nickels feat. Method Man - "El Matador" Reviewed by Albert Miller on 11.8.23 Rating: 5

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