International Furlough - "Haven"

Denver-based Alternative Metal Solo Project International Furlough have announced the release of a hard-hitting, 90's influenced new single "Haven". The new single is characterized by heavy lyrical themes, snarling melodic vocals, relentless, de-tuned guitar riffage and pummeling, groove-heavy beats. International Furlough is the musical alias and voice box of multi-instrumentalist and cathartic lyricist Ian Luddy, who enlisted the support of Ryan Elwood on drums for this recording. On "Haven", Ian continues his droning vocal snarl over intense electric riffage and hammering rhythms.

Uncensored and holding back nothing, International Furlough is content making an unholy racket to exorcise his inner discontent. Fans of CKY, Helmet, Tool and early Smashing Pumpkins should enjoy this hard-edged new release. A new album is currently in the works.

International Furlough - "Haven" International Furlough - "Haven" Reviewed by Albert Miller on 10.8.23 Rating: 5

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