Rome Logan - "100 Degrees"

'100 Degrees'  is an absolute vibe! With its melodic, bold, and vibrant sound, it's no surprise that R&B and Hip-Hop enthusiasts will find themselves hitting the replay button on this one. The immersive production and cleverly crafted lyrics work together to create a track that oozes confidence and positivity.

Speaking of the lyrics, they touch on the importance of adding real value to a partner and the mindful confidence that comes with it. This message is accentuated by the entrancing bounce of the drums and the smooth, gripping vocals that will leave you hooked. It's safe to say that everyone around will notice the glow up this track brings to the listener's mood. '100 Degrees' is set to release May | 19 | 2023.

" The goal was to create a track that combined the confidence and bravado of hip-hop with lyrics about a romantic relationship.

This track is a perfect example of the type of quality music that I aim to create. My goal as an independent artist is to offer the same level of production value and sound quality as major-label artists while adding something fresh and innovative to the genre." - Rome Logan

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Rome Logan - "100 Degrees" Rome Logan - "100 Degrees" Reviewed by Albert Miller on 9.5.23 Rating: 5

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