Absolute - "Paper Chasing"

Austin, Texas rapper Absolute presents "Paper Chasing", the self-produced first single from his forthcoming album I Am Absolute. "Paper Chasing" comes on the heels of his recent single "Where You Wanna Be", which appears on Volume 1 of his mixtape series The Reaper. (Spotify) Writing his first album at the age of sixteen, Absolute first broke out with his single "Hello" (stream on Youtube). "If you can't first inspire yourself there's no chance at inspiring others," Absolute says of his new single. "We live and learn. My music is a reflection of life. I'm sure people can relate. It also sounds good." "Paper Chasing" is out now on The Range of Life Music.
Absolute - "Paper Chasing" Absolute - "Paper Chasing" Reviewed by Albert Miller on 14.5.23 Rating: 5

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