Emery Pulse - "Heart Fulfilled"

Retro Pop Artist Emery Pulse delivers a sweet, 80's-inspired Soft Rock ballad with new single "Heart Fulfilled", out now on streaming platforms. Musically, Emery Pulse exudes a child-like sense of wonder coupled with adult self-reflection. "Heart Fulfilled" is a fun song about the big questions most people tend to ruminate on. What could have been? What will be? 

What makes it all work is Emery's sincerity and dedication to her aesthetic. It's delivered with masterful retro pop craftsmanship, performance and production. Joining Emery Pulse, who wrote the music and words, performing vocals and keyboards, are Chris Camozzi (other credits include Mariah Carey, Michael Bolton) on guitars, Lee Brovitz on bass (other credits include Cindi Lauper), Brett Brown on drums/percussion (other credits include John Lee Hooker), 

The song was produced by Emery Pulse and Brett Brown. It was mastered by James Auwarter for Coda Room Audio London/Chicago (other credits include Kanye West, Rihanna

As a fan of 80's pop, I love bringing a retro flare to new music. Heart Fulfilled incorporates a late 80's soft rock feel into the present. Staying on brand, the lyrics reminiscence on what used to be and wonders about the now. Could you still be the man you were once more?

Emery Pulse is living her dream by sharing her voice and love for music with ever wider audiences. Optimism and joy pervade her creative approach, and it comes out in the songs.
Emery Pulse - "Heart Fulfilled" Emery Pulse - "Heart Fulfilled" Reviewed by Albert Miller on 9.3.23 Rating: 5

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