Dende Navigates Love and Heartbreak on ''95 Civic' (LP)

Dende has taken his artistry to another level on his latest LP, '95 Civic. The 12-track audio adventure is the ride of a lifetime. The album's central themes of love, heartbreak, and passion are all consistent throughout. Each track bleeds into the next with impeccable precision. Although the album is seemingly perfect sonically, Dende's self-aware lyricism showcases his flaws in abundance. The Texas-bred crooner uses his soulful southern church vocal to express his passion in each song. Following the light and positive energy from his latest EP, Before We Crash, '95 Civic is the perfect full-length juxtaposition. 

Dende's new album starts smoothly with "I Wrote You A Song." The stripped-back introduction is the perfect platform for the rising R&B star to showcase his vocal range. The stage was set for Dende to "Swerve" into his following Eimaral Sol-assisted single. Tracks like "Block Me" and "Lost" were solid padding ahead of the emotionally heavy album stand out, "Nightmares." Things pick back up on "Wish You Well," an exciting track that showcases his fellow CXR label mate, Chris Patrick. The talented duo always deliver on tracks together and have been making waves on the road supporting Patrick's Gang Activity Tour.
Dende Navigates Love and Heartbreak on ''95 Civic' (LP) Dende Navigates Love and Heartbreak on ''95 Civic' (LP) Reviewed by Albert Miller on 8.3.23 Rating: 5

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