LadyBoss - "Unity"

Philly's LadyBoss (@215LadyBoss_) is hitting the ground running with her latest single, "Unity. With the Eagles in a tough spot following a close loss in the Super Bowl, the city is most definitely in need of something to keep them together. "Unity" is a dope track reminiscent of the pure hip-hop that used to bring people joy. LadyBoss makes music that is good for the soul, and wants to get the feeling of the 90s rap era back. With the 50th anniversary of Hip-Hop being this year, it is the perfect time to drop her newest records.

Inspired by greats like 2Pac, Queen Latifah, and LL Cool J, LadyBoss keeps her pen game A1. She never misses a beat and uses her lyrics to empower her fans. She feels today's music is missing the unifying factors it did in the past. Her mission is to bring back quality vibes and inspire a generation to do the same. She also credits Da Brat and Rhapsody as two female MCs that helped her formulate the sound she embodies today.
LadyBoss - "Unity" LadyBoss - "Unity" Reviewed by Albert Miller on 14.2.23 Rating: 5

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