Dende - "Nightmares"

Houston-bred rising R&B sensation Dende is preparing for his new era with his latest single, "Nightmares." The somber single showcases his impressive storytelling ability and boastful voice. Not many artists are as soulful as the Texas-raised singer/songwriter. Following the success of his latest EP, Before We Crash, Dende is looking to continue his rise to the top. He is known for his "sing outside of your window with a boombox" style of music. The early 2000s-inspired crooner is crafting a lane for himself that few others can fill. 

"Nightmares" is the first offering ahead of his upcoming full-length project. Dende's ultra-relatable lyricism and impeccable vocal range carry "Nightmares" throughout the 3-minute tune. With heartfelt tracks like this, Dende will surely be a playlist favorite at every DSP. Fans can catch Dende in a city near them as he supports Chris Patrick on the Gang Activity Tour.
Dende - "Nightmares" Dende - "Nightmares" Reviewed by Albert Miller on 14.2.23 Rating: 5

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