Dante' Harris - "Nights Like This 2" (LP)

Dante' Harris is back with the second installment of his popular project series 'Nights Like This.' Nights Like This 2' is an interesting turn for the California-based bar spitter. With chilling production and A1 lyrics, the Cali vet brings a couple of friends along for the ride. With dope features from Lil Boii Kantu & Baby Controversy on a couple of records, Harris helps bring some vocal breaks over the course of the 15 track album. The Affirmative Action Recordings creative is unlike anyone in his lane. The classic trap elements mixed with his signature flow are reminiscent of all of the Soundcloud era greats. The smooth project is an easy listen all the way through. Clocking in at 35-minutes, 'Nights Like This 2' is sure to have people cruising out all summer.

Dante' Harris is fearless when it comes to music. His work has been inspired by recognition. He is essentially tired of playing the back. He has seen much artist development from greats like Dj Flippp & 808Kartel. Artists like Lil Wayne and Curren$y helped him start taking the music seriously. Dante was in the streets as a youth, but now he is ready to go full fledge with the music. Ever since 14, he has been going hard with his craft. Being born in Louisiana is something that will change your mindset. His upbringing has helped shape him into the well-rounded creative he is now. 

Listen to his new project 'Nights like This 2' here! 
Dante' Harris - "Nights Like This 2" (LP) Dante' Harris - "Nights Like This 2" (LP) Reviewed by Albert Miller on 2.6.21 Rating: 5

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