Canadian artist Lauriel Inc. releases new single "Zoned Out"

Canadian-based R&B meets Soft Rock artist, Lauriel Inc, calls herself her own creative agency. From music creation, and creative direction, she handles it all. Lauriel Inc. started off writing folk and country tunes on her Ukulele for an acoustic sound, but was also influenced by r&b, and electronic styles. Eventually implementing guitar and piano into her songwriting and productions, she developed her own unique sound. Her writing comes from her own experiences, mixed in with a little imagination to create a story to really give the listener an experience, something unreal, to let them escape a little. “I want them to feel like they’ve gotten to know me and my perspective on life. To think a little differently about life, To get lost in the story of the song and to feel relaxed and soothed by the music.” - Lauriel Inc.

Her recent works have been a collaboration with Mirror Stages (producer), to bring the songs to life and to find a sound that would both define her sound, and relate to her audience, while still keeping  the essence and simplistic beauty of the songs.

Her first single ‘Zoned Out’, released off of her EP,  tells a story of how life can be unpredictable, and something you’re never really ready for, until you have to. “You have to constantly put yourself out of your comfort zone if you’re to become the person you’re truly meant to be” - Lauriel Inc.

Canadian artist Lauriel Inc. releases new single "Zoned Out" Canadian artist Lauriel Inc. releases new single "Zoned Out" Reviewed by Albert Miller on 7.11.20 Rating: 5

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