Andrew Jahn - "In The Night"

Andrew Jahn (pronounced - yahn) is a Pop artist with a mission to inspire goodness, beauty and love through music. The founding principle of his artistry and music studio, 8va Music is: social responsibility meets artistry.


Jahn started off his musical journey as a singer-songwriter, and piano teacher. Andrew’s music career was disrupted by a series of illnesses and trials in his life. He later discovered that those medical issues were a false diagnosis. It was during his recovery process when he founded his music studio, 8va, where he provided music lessons primarily focusing on those with learning challenges. 


On January 20, 2020 he released “Still Here (Where Are You Fear?)”, a pop ballad about overcoming his illnesses, and showing resilience in the face of adversity. It received some local radio play and landed him his first radio interview. Later in June of 2020 he released a follow up single entitled, “Free,” and in August, an experimental pop song called  “Love Sees Through”. “I like to write in a way that people can put their life into the song and experience it in their own fashion.” - Andrew Jahn


Inspired by his religious beliefs, Andrew wants to create music that highlights human dignity and love; and overcoming fear and adversity with hope and faith. Andrew Jahn’s upcoming album “The Journey Within”, deals with four main human emotions and experiences related to hope, sorrow, grief and joy. The songs are a mixture of two different contrasting elements: darkness versus light. Jahn describes his sound as an intense orchestral pop sound, with soaring choruses and inspirational vibes. Lyrically, he is inspired by fear, courage, self-actualization, freedom, despair, hope and love.


The first single off of the album, “In The Night” is a latin-pop inspired dance track with a catchy rhythm and dance like instrumental solos. It is based on the concept of a “dark night of the soul” found in Catholic mystical theology. It speaks of the death of a false self, the birth of the true self and in his album, relates to the grieving process of realizing life is more dark than originally imagined as a child.  

He says, "I think people are ready to experience some new lyrical ideas. With the pandemic and so many other things going on, many may be feeling a bit of an existential crisis. I think these themes will be appreciated by many."
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