Griotz - "Sway" x "The Babobab Tree"

There's a new artist from the Bronx, New York, who just exploded onto the music scene. Within the first two weeks of his two debut singles dropping, he's already reached over 50,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone! This guy has literally come OUT OF NOWHERE and is gaining crazy traction! Even during this time of extreme social distancing, this artist has managed to rise into the limelight and shows no signs of slowing down. His name is Imani Bruno and stage name is Griotz The Last Airbender...but they call him Griotz for short. He's signed/partnered with label exec, and head of Conyers Production Company, Jonathan Conyers, underneath the company, A&O Records.

 Griotz(@griotz) and EAD(@donaldeferere) on a music video shoot

They've recently partnered with Nigerian director extraordinaire, Donald Eferere aka EAD, and his company RDCYF BRAND to create some super dope visuals to match the awesome music Griotz has been making during this quarantine. Did I mention all of his songs were done remotely? Not even Covid-19 could stop this powerhouse from making some of the best music we've ever heard! 

In his debut single, "Sway" featuring Sy Ari Da Kid, Griotz shows next level wordplay with a flow so smooth that it left this listener wanting to hear more. His metaphors are unmatched and he has a keen way of going over listeners heads with a multitude of meanings within his bars. 

Griotz then shows his ability to be multidimensional and that he can lyrically contend with the best, with his new single, "The Baobab Tree," which speaks on the plight of Black America. In this piece he shows a love for his people and leaves us with a historical breakdown to why Black America is so heated with the zeitgeist up till present day. He speaks on the importance of the unification of Black people and urges them to meet him under the tree of life, the Babobab Tree, so that he can guide them to safety. Lastly, "The Baobab Tree" takes us on a trip into how Imani Bruno became, Griotz The Last Airbender.  

About Griotz:
The name Griotz is derived from the West African word Griot. Griots are West African storytellers who prophesized to the people about the visions they saw. Generally they would meet under the tree to speak to the people. The Last Airbender stems from him breathing life into his music and into the people who have been hurt by the fire nation aka white supremacy. Deep right? Look forward to this promising new artist, he shows great potential and we think he'll be someone we'll be seeing for a long time! 
Griotz - "Sway" x "The Babobab Tree" Griotz - "Sway" x "The Babobab Tree" Reviewed by Albert Miller on 8.7.20 Rating: 5

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