Jenn Nucum - "Snakebite"

'Snakebite' is the title of Jenn's next release. An ambient and uplifing Post-Rock anthem, 'Snakebite' gives its listeners a generous amount of drama and catharsis with plenty of thundering drums and wailing guitar feedback. The title alludes to having an affliction of undesireable qualities.

In religious contexts, this would be coming from the devil, a renowned serpent figure from its scripture. Once again, Jenn Nucum is calling out religion and being expected to suppress what are deemed “unnatural”. The key lyric and battle cry, “I struggled to find what had to be cured” embodies the challenges that LGBTQ+ individuals face when trying to resolve the conflict between who they are and any ties with religion or faith. A truly emotive and powerful piece, which is reflected by its ambient musical nature, 'Snakebite' can relate to and help anyone struggling with insecurities they may have due to the social stigmas that surround us on a daily basis.

Jenn Nucum - "Snakebite" Jenn Nucum - "Snakebite" Reviewed by Albert Miller on 24.4.20 Rating: 5

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