Souleye - "Wildman" (Album)

... Souleye, positive hip-hop artist releases his latest album, Wildman. The full-length features guest appearances by an array of upcoming and renowned artists, incorporating fresh, melodic hooks into each song. The album includes focus tracks such as, “Snow Angel” (Ft. Alanis Morissette), “Hip Hop Medicine” (Ft. Dustin Tavella), “Classic” (Ft. Chantal Kreviazuk, Chachillie), “Fountain of Youth” (Ft. Wade Morissette) and the latest single and title-track, “Wildman” (Ft. Lynx).

Souleye - "Wildman" (Album) Souleye - "Wildman" (Album) Reviewed by Albert Miller on 1.12.17 Rating: 5

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