Discover 'Racing' by FERGE X FISHERMAN

FERGE X FISHERMAN's newest single 'Racing', from their album 'Good Mother', showcases their evolution in the hip-hop scene. This track signifies a shift from their traditional jazz-centric approach to a more dynamic and energetic hip-hop sound. Influenced by contemporary artists, 'Racing' features a fusion of gospel choirs, vintage strings, and soulful Rhodes chords, evoking a '70s film soundtrack ambiance. The song's vibrant instrumental backdrop, combined with its catchy hook and thoughtful lyrics, highlights FERGE X FISHERMAN's innovative approach to music. 'Racing' adds a new dimension to their discography, solidifying their status as versatile and forward-thinking artists in the hip-hop genre.

Discover 'Racing' by FERGE X FISHERMAN Discover 'Racing' by FERGE X FISHERMAN Reviewed by Albert Miller on 22.1.24 Rating: 5

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