Daemon X Earthworms - "Comfortable" (Video)

St. Louis emcee Daemon presents the Kenautis Smith-directed video for "Comfortable", his collaboration track with STL stalwarts Earthworms. "Comfortable" continues a string of releases from Daemon as of late, including "ROTN Inertia" (Youtube), "Credit Check" (Youtube), "Elevation" (Youtube) and "Vader" (Youtube). Daemon marries a golden-era hiphop pedigree with a trailblazing spirit, routinely weaving genres as disparate as EDM, trap and grunge into the mix. Daemon has collaborated with artists like Killer Mike, DJ Shadow and Trackstar The DJ of Run The Jewels. Daemon's work has been featured on Netflix (“Inventing Anna,” “Daybreak,” and “Work It”), FOX (“Ghosted”), Starz (“Power”), ads for Mini Cooper and Sephora, and TBS (on the Jordan Peele produced “The Last O.G.”). His track “Turn the World Around" was featured in Xbox exclusive Forza Horizon 5. Earthworms' last full-length release was 2022's Garden In The Ruins (Spotify). "There's strength in constantly challenging yourself, but what happens if that edge grows dull?" Daemon says about his new single. "What happens if it never does? If you act like you have nothing to lose, can you ever truly win? If you never let yourself embrace the good things in life, what's the point of fighting for them? These are the questions that pushed me to write this song. I don't have the answers, but I'm bad at balancing my ambitions with my personal life (note: I don't have one), so I'm both the best and worst person to tackle this dilemma." "Comfortable" is out now on BLK BREAKFAST.
Daemon X Earthworms - "Comfortable" (Video) Daemon X Earthworms - "Comfortable" (Video) Reviewed by Albert Miller on 8.12.23 Rating: 5

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