TX's Traffic Lee Shows Promise On "Follow Me"

Traffic Lee is a multi-talented recording artist who set the music world on fire with his scintillating bars and immaculate wordplay. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Traffic speaks his truth, which inspires others while conveying real messages and emotions. His music can be described as charismatic, with a melodic style that is intricate and unique but still accessible to people from all walks of life. Having overcome adversity, Lee aims to become a beacon of hope for underprivileged people in his community. He hopes that his contribution to the industry will help provide better opportunities for his family and others.

After releasing various singles and projects, including "In Traffic We Trust," "Booker T Project," "Trap Back Open," and "2Quick" featuring Sauce Walka, & being an official artist at SXSW 2023, Traffic is back with his newest installment "Follow Me." This single speaks to the grim realities of his past while taking it a step further and walking you through the abandonment that Traffic once filled with life.

Lee has all the ingredients to one day become the first multi-platinum Hip-Hop artist from Austin, TX & in turn, open doors for other artists and labels in his city. He wants to change the narrative, create a culture for artists to thrive and receive the exposure they deserve, and solidify Texas as a creative and innovative place.

Follow Traffic Lee on his path to immortality, as his mission is about himself and creating opportunities for people who may not see them. It's not hard to get behind a message bigger than music, so go watch "Follow Me" now!

TX's Traffic Lee Shows Promise On "Follow Me" TX's Traffic Lee Shows Promise On "Follow Me" Reviewed by Albert Miller on 30.11.23 Rating: 5

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