From North Kern State Prison to Global Stages: PAC Alexander's 'Delay of Game' Album Unveiled

Curtis (PAC) Alexander is an American rap artist from Fontana, California (Inland Empire) is noted for his ability to use metamorphic, sometimes animated witty like punch lines in his music. His music tells us a chilling truth that can only be told from his first hand experience in the streets of the (IE) Inland Empire of California. 

January 12, 2009, PAC lost his best friend to gang violence. Rumors say Pac was the intended target. This sent him spiraling downhill. In 2013, he received his first conviction; guilty of possession of a loaded firearm. He was sentenced to three years at the Old Folsom State Prison. He served eighteen months total. 

Pac felt he had to live the life he rapped about in order to sustain his notorious street reputation. Therefore he would commit the act first, and rap about what actually happened second. With that lifestyle women, drugs, guns and money was always apart of the narrative. This led him to his devastating arrest for pimping and pandering in 2015. He made bail and continued to feed the IE streets. 

By 2016 PAC found himself in handcuffs once again, this time for possession of a loaded firearm. With God speed PAC was released from county jail again, but this time he was out on two bails. That didn't stop him from creating. He went on a tirade with visuals and new music that featured his protege (JayR). Who was also known in the streets for his flashy style and absurd rap delivery. July 7th, 2016 Juventino Montez was murdered in the north side of Fontana, Ca. He fell victim to gun violence in a botched robbery. 

In June 2017 PAC was caught in another twist, This time a close friend of his used his name to get out of another pimping case. Alexander being out on two bails already was forced to go on the run, at least until things blew over and he had his lawyer paid for in advance. By March 2018 he was arrested again in Cincinnati Ohio and extradited back to California. His journey had finally come to an end. Alexander would spend the next four years in county jail, fighting for his freedom and fighting rival gang members for survival and sport. 

PAC signed a plea deal in November, 2022 for pimping and gang charges related to a loaded firearm. He was sentenced twelve years in state prison. He would only have to serve six years total. The remaining two years were spent working on his physical appearance and strengthening his spirituality. He tattooed his fellow inmates with a with a jail made tattoo machine and filled notepads with new music and more witty metaphors. Six months before his release from prison, PAC Alexander inks a global distribution deal with DogSled Music Group and releases his debut album "Delay Of Game" from behind the walls of North Kern State Prison. Check out his album on all platforms and his video releases on Vevo Apple Music Video, Tidal Video, Boomplay, and Xite. Check out his channel:

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