Fase 1 - "Lil Rydah" (Video)

Fase 1 is a San Diego-based hip hop artist, known for his raw lyricism and authentic storytelling. His music often tackles real-life experiences, reflecting the struggles and triumphs of his community. "LIL RYDAH" is not just a music video; it's a moving tribute that captures the essence and remembrance Fase 1 has for the late “ Lil Rydah “ and the fallen soldiers of the 1950.

Fase 1's storytelling is beautifully accompanied by scenes, and the lyrics dedicated to paying homage to the legacy of Lil Rydah. This visual has a guest appearance from the San Diego Mayor aka “ OG Mitchy Slick “, who pays his respect to the fallen soldiers. This video's cinematic shots bring Fase 1's lyrics to life, “The Clover on the Hat, match the Shirt & the Socks, you gone live through us Rydah if we Thuggin or Not “. Fase 1 So turn up the new joint, and celebrate the life of " Lil Rydah, and pour something out for homies that are gone, but will never be forgotten. #LLLR Tap in with Fase 1 via IG @fase1_3000
Fase 1 - "Lil Rydah" (Video) Fase 1 - "Lil Rydah" (Video) Reviewed by Albert Miller on 4.9.23 Rating: 5

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