Money Stacks Stays On His "Harlem Sh*t"

Money Stacks returns with a single/video release from his new album 'HU$TLA 2.' Soulful horns weave in and out of gritty basslines in "Harlem Shit." A catchy, anthem-style hook echoes throughout that record, "I'm on that Harlem sh*t f*ck what n*ggas thought I'm on that Harlem sh*t that's how ya feel yeah I'm on that Harlem sh*t, big money in the trunk on that Harlem sh*t..."

While others in the game are in bite mode or in and out seasons catching the latest trend, Money Stacks showed up and glowed up. He went from making snow to igniting mics. 

Stacks' hits heavy with raw, uncut bars that solidify he's bred differently, on that Harlem sh*t. 
Money Stacks Stays On His "Harlem Sh*t"  Money Stacks Stays On His "Harlem Sh*t" Reviewed by Albert Miller on 31.8.23 Rating: 5

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