Queen's Thoroughbred Leadgeon Presents 'Clemency' Album

Leadgeon, reputable indie artist & producer hailing from Queens, NY announces the release of his new album ‘Clemency.’ The 10-track project features Maine The Medicine, Will Sully, Bottemline, and comes with the skit “Catacomb.”

‘Clemency’ shows off Leadgeon’s mastered ability to provide listeners with timeless music, served at insatiable doses of ear candy. True to his NY roots, Leadgeon delivers a blend of gritty and grimy sounds that weave in and out of distinct basslines and drums, shadowed by soulful influences.

Throughout the album, Leadgeon also gives fans a taste of his lyrical flow that hits heavy with thorough wordplay and rhymes. The record “100” is an honest testament to how Leadgeon moves on and off the mic, and his rawness is both gripping and slightly intimidating.
Queen's Thoroughbred Leadgeon Presents 'Clemency' Album Queen's Thoroughbred Leadgeon Presents 'Clemency' Album Reviewed by Albert Miller on 30.7.23 Rating: 5

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