Coline Creuzot - "Hearts Don't Break Even" (EP)

Houston born and bred 3X Billboard charting R&B artist Coline Creuzot has released the new EP. Entitled Hearts Don't Break Even, the project is a sensually imaginative and vividly retrospective sunset drive through the highs and lows of romantic relationships. 

A whirlwind of ethereal harmonies that fill you with butterflies collide over an array of soul-striking beats and serendipitous sonics. Creuzot's vocal is a beacon of grace as she expresses acceptance for her lost love while finding strength and independence within herself. Hearts Don't Break Even will move you toward a state of reflection with language that strikes the chord of being human and instrumentals that transcend the surface of reality. 

Ebony Magazine was right to call Creuzot an “artist at the forefront”. Creuzot is a 3X Billboard charting artist and has received high acclaim from Rolling Stone, BET, Ladygunn, Essence, Earmilk, and VIBE to name a few.
Coline Creuzot - "Hearts Don't Break Even" (EP) Coline Creuzot - "Hearts Don't Break Even" (EP) Reviewed by Albert Miller on 21.6.23 Rating: 5

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