Lexxicon Reclaims Control on 'Drill Sergeant' LP

Lexxicon is ready to show a different side of himself with his latest LP, Drill Sergeant. After taking a year's sabbatical, he used his overseas travel to gather inspiration. It is tough to keep the positive energy as an independent act, but he never gave up. His newest album draws inspiration from Drill music. The subgenre influenced Lexxicon with arts like Russ Millions, Pop Smoke, and Ivorian Doll, creating music that impacted him the most. His newest project is a hard right turn from his previous work, but it is a step in a direction that is pure to him. 

As Lexxicon grows as an act, he is excited to continue to learn who he is and express it through his music. Drill Sergeant still has the dancehall influence, but the new drill elements make it unique. The strong intro of "Power In My Bloodline" highlights the direction of the aggressive project. Records like "Ride Pon It," "Deep Dark Desires," and "Even Thursday" are highlights of the 10-track LP. With past support from REVOLT, The Breakfast Club, and EARMILK, Lexxicon is poised for success with its latest project.

Lexxicon Reclaims Control on 'Drill Sergeant' LP Lexxicon Reclaims Control on 'Drill Sergeant' LP Reviewed by Albert Miller on 4.5.23 Rating: 5

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