Joony Brings the World to the DMV on 'SHITUMSS'


Joony is bringing the DMV sound to the world on his 11-track LP, SHITUMSS. Following the success of his standout verse on Brent Faiyaz's RIAA Gold-certified album Wasteland and his critically-acclaimed project, Pretty in Black, the world has been Joony's oyster. The young star's newest album captures the essence of the sound that helped groom him into the well-rounded creative he is today. With many naysayers claiming that the DMV signature sound is too gritty to become mainstream, Joony and his in-house team of frequent collaborators elevate together to champion the regional sound. 

The Silver Spring, Maryland-raised MC has teased more 808-heavy records on his otherwise melodic projects, but this time, he made a conservative effort to take it all the way! With production from fellow DMV natives like Mannyvelli, Spizzle, Dawg Servin, Big Weigh, Turk, Trill800, and 4Days, Joony has created a project that represents the area but also embodies the essence of being "On Shit," meaning real motion and no performative acts. Crafted in trapped-out basements throughout the DMV, SHITUMSS delivers an authentic and powerful listening experience.

Joony on SHITUMSS: " We want to show you what we've worked on for the last two years. Everyone is from the DMV, and these songs were all made in trapped-out vibes. This is a representation of the area. The DMV. We called it SHITUMSS because we're on shit. Encompassing the vibes from the basement."

Although he is just getting started, Joony is poised to carry the burden of bringing the DMV's traditional sound to the forefront of the music industry. With famous artists like Lil Uzi Vert, Stunna 4 Vegas, and others utilizing the signature flow in their music, it is only fitting that a DMV-bred star opens the door for the region to have its moment. Records like "All Over the House," "Shitumss," and "Keisha" are hard-hitting bangers that are sure to blow a speaker or two. Moreover, Joony still gives his fans the melodic moments they have come to love on  "Jagged Edge" and "###Trending." Although Joony has become an international success, he never will forget where he came from, and his newest album is an ode to the sound that made him the star he is today.

Joony Brings the World to the DMV on 'SHITUMSS' Joony Brings the World to the DMV on 'SHITUMSS' Reviewed by Albert Miller on 6.5.23 Rating: 5

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