TroubleMaker - Gave my All

It's the "King 👑 from Queen's" NYC the undisputed New York King of Drill "Trouble Maker" whose usually giving us graphic tales of life in the battle field of his "Far Rockaway" hood, this latest visual installment "Gave My All" is a slight change of pace, it's a heartfelt PSA dealing with the good the bad, the ups and downs he's had to endure on his journey to greatness and why no matter what obstacles he's faced with Trouble Maker continues to go so hard an why giving up is not an option for Queen's native, whose determined to carry on the legacies of the"Far Rockaway"  legends "Stack bundles"& "Chinx" so ▶️ play and zone out with"Trouble Maker" then stay locked with him and the"Wiggity Wuu" wave via IG: @_t.m_54_ 
FB: Wuu Wiggitywuutm
TroubleMaker - Gave my All TroubleMaker - Gave my All Reviewed by Albert Miller on 19.4.23 Rating: 5

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