Nelly2x Brings The Energy on "Body"

Nelly2x (@nascarnelly) is going up with the release of her second official single, “Body.” This follows the success of her last record, “Kontrol,” which received a lot of love on blogs and is sitting with over 120K views on YouTube. Today, Nelly2x is looking to continue to carve out a solid lane as a true Afrobeats/Afropop star. Like Wizkid, BurnaBoy, and others, her music is meant to be heard and make people dance.

An artist can rarely make you feel. In a world where so much music reflects the negative things life offers, Nelly2x wants to shine a light on the positive. Her infectious cadence and tone pair perfectly with the floaty instrumentals she chooses to create. Her newest record is sure to be a popular song for the summer.

Nelly2x Brings The Energy on "Body" Nelly2x Brings The Energy on "Body" Reviewed by Albert Miller on 1.4.23 Rating: 5

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