JG Riff Paints a Vivid Picture on "Gangsta Music" (Visual)

JG Riff (@DontCallMeSonny) is the youngest veteran in the DC music scene. Outside of being a rapper, his name holds weight in his city. His newest visual for "Gangsta Music" is him stepping into a brand new pocket. The creative MC is known for his tireless work ethic on and off the mic. His real-life raps paint a vivid picture of his everyday life. Although most cannot relate to Riff's day-to-day struggles, the pain in his voice breeds reliability with his fans. No matter what happens, JG Riff is a hustler, and "Gangsta Music" details how he gets to the bag.

Riff is riding high off the success of his latest mixtape, Ai Riff (Deluxe). With 24 records., the basketball-themed album is a victory lap for the budding King of the city. This year, the independent rap star looks to level up in many ways. With countless labels calling, there's no telling which moves he might make. 
JG Riff Paints a Vivid Picture on "Gangsta Music" (Visual) JG Riff Paints a Vivid Picture on "Gangsta Music" (Visual) Reviewed by Albert Miller on 9.3.23 Rating: 5

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