Grace Weber - "Lonely" (Video)

Grammy-winning R&B star Grace Weber circles back a week after the audio-only release of  "Lonely" with an exciting new visual. The new VEVO visual showcases Grace's full scope of creativity. The empowering video proves that even by herself, she is enough. She wants her fans to embrace everything about themselves. The Milwaukee-bred singer wants to turn the heat up for her forthcoming project this year. 

"Lonely" perfectly highlights Grace's growth as a recording artist. The confidence in her voice is showcased throughout the 3-minute visual. Although Grace is alone in the DAK-directed video, she engages fans with silky-smooth transitions. The Chance The Rapper collaborator is setting the stage for an exciting 2023.
Grace Weber - "Lonely" (Video) Grace Weber - "Lonely" (Video) Reviewed by Albert Miller on 25.3.23 Rating: 5

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