Copywrite - "Joy to the World" (Instrumental)

The piano keys that hauntingly remind you of an eerie, fancy dinner party, guests arriving in tuxedos and fine dresses only to find the dance floor seething with ghosts. The lightness of the drums creates an ethereal feeling that is interrupted by the sample of a baby crying. A complete juxtaposition, this is "Joy to the World'' (Pre-Save on Spotify Now) the first single off Copywrite's new instrumental album "Ya Garbage Kid."

Young adults, the elderly and even small animals have been loving the music that this maestro has been crafting lately. I'm sure you're already aware that Copywrite has been producing amazing hip hop break-beat and sample based production since back in the MHz days with Camu Tao. With the release of his first full instrumental album on March 31, 2023 on Lathe, CD & Digital via Man Bites Dog Records, the world will get a full 30 mins plus of wide production style, with samples connecting songs and making broad thematic statements.
Copywrite - "Joy to the World" (Instrumental)  Copywrite - "Joy to the World" (Instrumental) Reviewed by Albert Miller on 1.3.23 Rating: 5

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