Moment - "IN TIME" (Album)

Detroit-based Multi-Instrumentalist and Producer Moment (Mike Masch) does a deep dive into hip hop/rap music on hook-filled new album "IN TIME", out Oct 1, 2022 on streaming platforms. Sonically, listeners can expect 'a hip-hop fusion that integrates heavy undertones of electronica, classical, jazz, big beat, cinematic, and downtempo'. Moment expresses himself through these complimentary genres in order to express diverse emotions and energies while seeking to inspire. Mike Masch's creative ethos is to 'bring truth and excitement in the form of music.'

"The inspiration behind this album was to show a much broader range of not just musical production & ability but myself as a person in this world. So many different emotions, feelings & experiences mixed together to tell many handfuls of stories. I loved how this came together with a variety of my favorite genres, whether that is rap in general but also incorporating R&B, old school, electronic, classical, and jazz. The album is vital to me to tell my experiences and release the various thoughts & experiences in my mind. I believe this will inspire, motivate, and help others. I've always said that people have unique hobbies as a form of therapy and music creation just happens to be mine. It's real, it's authentic, it releases and frees. I know when others listen to it that they will understand this as I do." - Mike Masch

"In Time" finds Masch's extensive life-long study and appreciation of music coming to fruition. He's graduated from music production and audio engineering schools, performed extensively as a DJ, and attended countless concerts and classes of various genres to hone his signature sound
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