Lamedd - "Permit" (EP)

Electronica Musician and Producer Lamedd showcases an atypical and shapeshifting creative approach on intensely personal, explosive new EP "Permit", released December 4th independently. With equal attention given to horror and beauty, rage and love, we get an unflinching and unfiltered glimpse into the mind of a fascinating artist at the peak of his powers, so far. Leading with the notion "Express what you are not allowed to", this is an artist who keeps the art at the forefront, allowing for some personal mystique and unique interpretation. Walking the line between Experimental Electronic/IDM, Noise, Ambient and Avant-Garde, Lamedd expresses himself freely.

"Permit  boasts the ability to express my violent urges, weakness, softness, impulsiveness and power in the same breath. 
I allowed my music to scream, wail, cry; To express without any filters. I improvised the tracks without fully knowing where I was going.  
But above all, I think, Permit describes my experience as a gay man in a somewhat violent and rough place." 

"Permit" is Lamedd's 3rd album and is available now on streaming platforms. Currently, Lamedd is busy working on album #4.
Lamedd - "Permit" (EP) Lamedd - "Permit" (EP) Reviewed by Albert Miller on 25.12.22 Rating: 5

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