Bayymack Drops New Hit Single "Nikki"

“Nikki” is the latest release by up and coming Arizona recording artist Bayymack, with production by kashmovere. Released on August 1st, this powerful hyperpop inspired track provides a sound that manages to expand the sonic palette that Bayymack has been subtly introducing to his discography most recently. On “Nikki” Bayymack delivers an extremely personal narrative based in romantic aspirations, and all of the emotional and mental fallout that often comes with it. Bayymack and his team are looking to give this release absolutely everything they got, as they gear up for an oficial music video release that is set to come in the very near future. Through this release, we get a taste of the ambition that Bayymack and his team seek to put on full display as they prepare in to release Bayymack’s fourth studio EP, set to be released on september 24th of 2022.

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Bayymack is a multi-talented singer-songwriter from Tempe, AZ. Since his musical debut in 2019, Bayymack has demonstrated himself as an artist worthy of the spotlight, through the release of his full-length projects “Unamused,” and “Tough love” Bayymack has rightfully established himself as a quality creative. Bayymack’s musical journey has allowed him to perform amongst renowned figures in the music industry, including D savage, Bigbabygucci, and most recently going on to co-headline a tour with collaborator Lil raven and others. Bayymack prides himself on his broad artistic range, and his one of a kind image, one that you’ll be sure to find scattered all throught his music, and visual content. Bayymack is set to release his 4th studio EP September 24th of 2022.

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