KMF Tre Drops New Album, Winning Formula

“Winning Formula” the debut album by KMF Tre, a new artist with an infectious catalog of music.  “No Hook” one of the more hard hitting songs has a video out now, shot in Suge Knights former home in Hollywood Hills. Coincidence or not? He shows and proves his ability to make the waviest songs possible each and every time he steps in the booth. Take note of the versatility on display from headbangers to nostalgic Rnb that will surely put you in your feels. KMF Tre’s up bringing and surroundings mold his sound and most importantly his lyrics. Being driven by passion, pain, and family that counts on you will put you in a different headspace. Even through hard times Tre always pays attention to his roots and finds the inspiration he needs. Take a chance on an artist who came from nothing and built himself into a person that only comes once a generation.

Winning Formula - KMF Tre :

Instagram: @kmftre

No Hook Music Video - KMF Tre:
KMF Tre Drops New Album, Winning Formula KMF Tre Drops New Album, Winning Formula Reviewed by Derek Lemire on 11.4.22 Rating: 5

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