Is Boa Banx The Next Dave Chapelle?

After releasing his first movie “Avenged” on December 25 2021 on Amazon prime, Banx has started to become an household name. With co stars such as Jamal Woodlard, Trini, Lunden Deleon and other popular names, “Avenged” became a trending movie on Amazon Prime and Fire Stick devices. With the release of this project, Banx has been recognized by news channels such as wral news as the first person to write, cast, direct, film, edit, audio engineer and star in his own film. After accomplishing this, Banx gained more traction and decided to share his wisdom as a way to give back to his community after being invited to speak at several schools systems in NC. Banx held one of his most memorable speeches at Clinton High School on may 5th, 2022. During this speech, Banx spoke about his 8 keys to success. His first key was “failure” . He explained that how many people look at failure is wrong to him. He thinks that people should look at failure as a good thing because it is a way to learn which leads someone to accomplish their goals. His second key was “Watch the company you keep”. He explained that while being in a close friendship with someone, you person can gain the same habits of that friend. His third key to success was “Listen”. Banx expressed how listening can save a person time because someone who listens will make less mistakes. He believes that he learned this key late in life because he didn’t like to listen to others when he was a teen. His fourth key to success is “Work Smart”. He believes working smart preserves energy, brain power, and help someone accomplish their goals at an early stage in life. His fifth key to success is “Focus”. Focusing is what helped banx accomplish his historical accomplishment. His sixth key to success was “Manifestation”. Banx stated that he knew many high school students probably didn’t understand or think about the concept due to their upbringings or immaturity. He showed students the technique of how to manifest and told them how manifesting has helped him become successful. His seventh key to success was “Appreciation”. He explained to students how they should appreciate small blessings such as being able to see, hear, walk and talk as things that most people have that are priceless. And, by appreciating these small blessings will bring a person bigger and more substantial blessings. His final key to success was “Dedication”. Banx closed his speech by explaining to students how dedication will determine their fate in terms of success. This speech was recognized through many on social media because banx was teaching the high schoolers things that they presumably needed to really know in order to succeed in society. As banx is preparing for the production of his highly anticipated second film “Avenged”. Banx is expected to complete his thesis project for his clinical psychology masters degree at North Carolina Central University in 2022. This thesis project has been adjusted to focus on the minority undergraduate students, personality type and test taking stress. This project will solidify banx in the field of psychology.

Banx grew up watching comedians like Mike Epps, Chris Tucker, Eddie Murphy and Dave Chappelle. He simply loved to laugh and make others laugh but he did not expect to be getting early comparisons amongst some of the best to ever do it. Prior to becoming an actor and comedian, Banx was pursuing a career as a musician. Many people know him working with Grammy nominated and popular artists such as Mike Jones, Mez, Scotty ATL, Loudiene and Well$. After taking a break from releasing music in 2019, Banx decided to focus on his acting career. He began posting funny comedy skits on his Instagram account weekly an enormous amount of positive feedback which kept him on track to being mentioned with the comedy legends.

When most people get to know Banx, the first thing they say is “What can’t he do?”. This guy can mix & master and produce music, rap, sing, write, direct, film & edit music videos and movies. Last but not least….HE WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH! Growing up Banx was a quiet kid but he stood out because of his creativity.

Banx wants to become one of the comedy greats and seems to be heading in that direction. With the upcoming release of his drama action movie “Avenged” starring Jamal Woolard, Banx is positioning himself to make a name on the big screen for many years to come.

Besides being an popular upcoming entertainer, Banx is also on the verge of making a promising impact in the field of mental health. He is expected to graduate with his masters degree in clinical psychology from North Carolina Central University by the summer of 2021. With this degree he will pen group homes for children who are considered to be troublesome or misguided. He will also be proposing his thesis which is based upon the relationship of personality type and stress among African American college students. This study will help determine whether the stress levels of an African American male student can be determined by their personality type. After completion, this study could make a huge impact in the Field of psychology and school systems.

Banx is currently working on several different tv shows and films but is expected to drop his highly anticipated final rap album in early 2022.
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