Jr Da Artist Is A Legend In The Making

Jr Da Artist is a new artist that primarily makes music in the Hip Hop and Rap genres. With influences such as Tupac, Biggie, and Jay Z, this new rapper is hoping to get his story out into the world. In the artist’s own words, his music and art are meant to tell the story of his struggle. His art is a way for him to express his own emotions and pain in a way that is entertaining and relatable to a wide audience.

Jr Da Artist’s music will make any listener feel the emotions he did when he was writing and producing the song. Any person will be able to actively Visualise the story as it unfolds. These stories are the legacies he wants to leave behind.

As a father of three, Jr Da Artist says his biggest motivators are his children. He wants to prove to the world and his children that achieving a dream is possible. His legacy for his children is going to go way beyond just his stories but extend into a comfortable life.

Jr Da Artist has always been passionate about his art, and anybody who doubted his passion and talent will have to take a back seat now that his music is out for the world to listen to. With his phenomenal ability to tell a story and his raw, unfiltered emotions, his music is worth everything.All of Jr Da Artist’s music is available on major streaming platforms such as Spotify, Youtube, and Apple Music. Make sure to follow this artist on his journey through his social media also owns a label called "Legend Empire Records LLC".





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