Elfalan Don - "Pregame"(Video)

23-year-old Louisville Kentucky artist Elfalan Don releases his new single “Pregame” directed by Christina Vazquez. He wanted to make a song that would get people excited to go out. He was always inspired to get out of Kentucky and meet and work with new people. So Miami Florida was the first destination on his list. He says Miami just feels like there is no limit to success and he will definitely be back. As Hennessy and patron are his favorite alcoholic beverages he figured there’s no better place to shoot the video than Miami. Pregame is on all music platforms (apple music, Spotify, SoundCloud, etc.).
Elfalan Don - "Pregame"(Video) Elfalan Don -  "Pregame"(Video) Reviewed by Albert Miller on 6.4.21 Rating: 5

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