Drew William - "Every Body"

Combining aspects of funk, soul, folk and soft rock in his music, Drew William encapsulates his audience with songs about connection and other pursuits of mankind. For Drew, the only entity that can bridge the written word with pure emotion is music. Such is the case with his single “Every Body,” a song that fights the stigma of individualism and recognizes the power people have together, whether the pursuit is considered good or bad. His use of harmonies in “Every Body” adds another layer to his diverse sound and the pairing with his introspective lyrics offers an enriching musical experience. 

“Lyrics come from memory, from emotion, and sometimes from something outside of myself,” Drew says. “Every Body” seemed appropriate due to the current climates (in all terms) of the world. It is kind of song to reflect on, to look at our lives and make sure that what we are doing is what’s not only best for us but for others and the world that connects us.”

Drew William - "Every Body" Drew William - "Every Body" Reviewed by Albert Miller on 26.12.20 Rating: 5

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