Jey Flores - "Where I'm Supposed to Be" (EP)

 Jey Flores is the voice of female strength - resilience in the face of adversity. From Montreal, Canada, this singer-songwriter brings a fresh and ambient sound to the Pop world... With conscious lyrical depth, Jey’s aim is to send a message to the world; one of love and compassion - while pulling in the hearts of those who see her on stage, or who simply listen to her soulful and soothing voice. She draws her inspiration from the trials of life, and resilience to overcome it all, inspiring many to do the same. Jey not only embodies the strength of women, but all people who have the power to make their lives the best it can be, no matter what the barrier. 

 Jey started her career in the music industry at 14 years old. Formerly signed to Sizzle Records, she released two international Latin tracks worldwide. She has also opened up for USA R&B group 112 (Peaches & Cream), and has performed in Switzerland, New York City and Montreal. In 2009, Jey independently released her first single "You Got Me", produced by Sony Germany producer Henry Andrés (formerly Esco Sounds). In 2011, she was hired to write a dance single called "The End", produced by SECRETNOISE in Los Angeles.

In 2015, Jey wrote and featured on a deep house track with producer duo Encure from Stüttgart, Germany called "Good Life" which was released on Beatport August 20, 2015, and on iTunes on September 3, 2015. The track was picked up and signed by Amsterdam record label Twisted Shuffle / Housepital Records. Since its release, "Good Life" charted on the Top 100 Beatport Album Charts,  and Top 10 on Twisted Shuffle Records charts. The song won its first week on the NewComer Big FM Radio Contest on Big FM in Germany against Andy B.Jones. She was later called on again by the DJ duo to write another hit "Don't Want To Let You Go" in 2016, also signed to a label in Amsterdam. Both singles have each had over 100K streams on Spotify. 

Jey’s debut EP "Where I'm Supposed To Be" was written and recorded  in 2016, in collaboration with  producers Bobby John and Murray Daigle. She released two singles, "Love (Like There's No Tomorrow)" and "Free" in 2016 from her EP, which had multiple features and airplay on Montreal's 94.7 Hits FM radio station on their Future Hits segment., and was interviewed by former host Matt Fish. Jey’s EP is published by Bloc Notes Music Publishing in Montreal. 

In 2017, Jey became a mother and decided to put her music career on hold. She is now releasing her debut EP "Where I'm Supposed to Be" in hopes to spread a message of self-love, courage, growth, compassion and confidence for all who seek their own self-discovery. Listeners can expect to relate to many of her tales, while immersing themselves in every emotion that is derived from the lyrics and music. A combination of pop/electronic sounds keeps the mood and energy of this record dynamic, climactic and engaging. 

“Where I’m Supposed To Be is a chronicle of my journey of self-growth. Inspired by relationships I experienced, and finding inner peace in a relationship with myself - this EP embodies a person who has learned a lot of lessons, and chose a path of self-love, strength, confidence, compassion and mindfulness” - Jey Flores

Jey Flores - "Where I'm Supposed to Be" (EP) Jey Flores - "Where I'm Supposed to Be" (EP) Reviewed by Albert Miller on 1.11.20 Rating: 5

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