Shy Dummy - "Melanine"

Juan Naranjo aka Shy Dummy, a brand new artist from Montreal, Canada, incarnates that right mix between heartfelt lyrics and captivating atmospheres. With a Haitian and Peruvian background, this talented musician is able to deliver a sound concurrently theatrical and real, dark and heartbreaking that mirrors his personal experiences in life. 

With an eye and an ear toward great names such as Rick James, Travis Scott, Kanye West, The Isley Brothers and Damso to name a few, Shy Dummy is not timid at all when disclosing with his lyrics the depth, sometimes obscure side of life. 

His hard yet joyful childhood, never impedes him to dream about music, and to push him to invest every earned cent into his passion. With a strong little hint of his past love stories in each of his songs, Shy Dummy aims to bring his fans to discover his world and to make them float by arousing their emotions: it is like driving at night while feeling your fav song’s notes on your skin...always a priceless experience!

 Mélanine is Shy Dummy's most recent single, and a favourite. "This talks about an abusive man emotionally hurting his girl over and over again. He is insecure and believes that keeping her on the edge and treating her like an object is the only way to actually keep her".

 Based on a real-life situation he witnessed Shy Dummy says that "this is the most real and personal song I made, with beautiful songwritng, amazing flow delivery and great mixing by my producers.  It is my magnum opus".

In terms of sound, listeners can expect a heavy bass carrying the whole song with a few nice surprises.
Shy Dummy - "Melanine" Shy Dummy - "Melanine" Reviewed by Albert Miller on 25.10.20 Rating: 5

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