Klinsvin - "Sweet Nicotine"

Klinsvin is a newcomer to Canada who hails from his native of South India. He has worked his way to get his foot into the Canadian music spotlight, and is here to present his new single, "Sweet Nicotine", which comes out today, October 9, 2020.

 Klinsvin describes his sound as raw, real, cathartic, engaging and significant. His new single called “Sweet Nicotine”, is based on a metaphor for toxic relationships. “I think the song will connect very emotionally with the listeners and it contains pretty offbeat chord progressions that take the listeners to a melancholic state. The song basically is a situation based song. I was personally going through a very difficult phase in my life, and the song embodies all that I was going through musically and lyrically. It is a good song for “deep-thinkers”.

Listeners will get a feeling of realization; a reflection. For Klinsvin, this reflection was of a phase of life he had been through and he is hoping it connects with all people who are going through a tough time in life.
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