Paul Cafcae new single release "Heartbreak Train"

Paul Cafcae is quite a unique mark in the Canadian music scene: born in the Soviet Union, he writes and performs western roots music, blending motifs from both sides of the Atlantic with an unparalleled authenticity. His mastery of the art comes from the in-depth studies of both, Eastern European and Western music, which also led him to be able to play 6 different instruments.

Since moving to Canada, Paul has played in a number of successful cover bands, eventually founding "20 Flight Rockers," a rockabilly and blues party band that has released one record and has been the hit of many blues and jazz festivals and events all over Ontario. Influenced by great names such as The Beatles, Elton John, Roy Orbison, Elvis Presley, and inspired by Canadian artists such as Whitehorse, David Myles, Kathleen Edwards, Paul Pigat, Terra Lightfoot and Corb Lund, Paul started working on his solo records in 2018. Evolving but true to its roots, Paul's music is a particular variation of classic rock n’ roll, able to deliver an upbeat, yet relaxing and hopeful sound. A modern storyteller inspired by real stories, Cafcae aims to deliver intense songs charged with deep feelings built on cathartic melodies and lyrics.
 Paul's new LP "Miss July" is coming out in October 2020. From this artist, we can expect joyful and meaningful music that inspires us and helps us feel better about all the challenges that we constantly face.

Paul Cafcae hits again with his new upcoming single Heartbreak Train set to be out on the 21st of August 2020.

From its very beginning this new track presents itself as catchy and captivating highlighting its nature at the crossroad of rockabilly and country music. Classic in its recognition of the genre, it will bring to the table that light-hearted sound that we look for when listening to these kinds of pieces. The song is co-written with Bonnie Memphis, and will not disappoint the listeners who are eager to enjoy the original, classic vibe of the genre, complete with two beautiful guitar solos performed by Cafcae in the styles of Django Reinhardt and Les Paul.

Therefore, be prepared to let your heart take a train, a vacation into vibrant notes and craftful storytelling.
Paul Cafcae new single release "Heartbreak Train" Paul Cafcae new single release "Heartbreak Train" Reviewed by Albert Miller on 22.8.20 Rating: 5

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