Normal Machine - "New World"

David Cohen and Amanda Silvera are the two faces of Normal Machine, a juicy mix of rock, alternative and punk blended with electronic music. 
A storyteller by trade and design, with a background in writing, film and TV, David is the creative mind behind the lyrics and the sound of the band. Amanda, with her roots deeply grounded in pop and RnB, and in her early days having opened for artists such as Brian McKnightGinuwine, is the front woman.  
Drawing inspiration from the music of Daft Punk, Tool, Deadmau5, Nine Inch Nails, Glitch Mob, Normal Machine is a very timely project; if music is food for the soul, we could say that it is “a massive stew, containing a little bit of all your favourite things… and cooked by a robot”.
Definitely up-to-the-minute, the power of this ensemble is that of being able to address relevant topics in a unique way, that will resonate into your mind. Inspired by disparate subjects such as technology, the universe, aliens, the social and cultural climate of our times, Normal Machine delivers catchy pieces that will make you reflect and groove at the same time. On that note, we are here to present to you Normal Machine's newest single from the album 'Lullaby':

From a synthesized intro arises 'New World'. A soothing ambience for a piece that exudes power and energy, that same one carried by the forceful voice of Amanda Silvera. Dynamic and enchanting guitar lines enrich the sound when crashing against a solid drum, thus giving birth to a sort of hybrid at the crossroad of rock and punk seasoned with modern electronic elements. The song's haunting chorus is a simple cry for change...a new world indeed. When Amanda's mighty voice is coupled with David's face melting guitar riffs, it is a cry that cannot be ignored. A perfect soundtrack for a narrative enriched by mechanical details and one which could not be any more relevant today, tomorrow and moving forward… definitely a must listen!
Normal Machine - "New World" Normal Machine - "New World" Reviewed by Albert Miller on 4.7.20 Rating: 5

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