Dusan Mitric - "Miss You"

Dušan Mitric is that kind of talented artist that once heard, he will be impossible to forget. Dušan, at the young age of 16, has already a voice that is both melodic and powerful, which wonderfully serves exceptional and very well crafted songs. There is no wonder that some of his inspirations are artists like Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheeran, Eminem or Taylor Swift: musicians that master their territory as Dušan masters the notes he delivers in his intense pop. This skilled boy from Ottawa, is not new to the business as he started writing music at the age of fourteen, handing out countless pieces. 
However, his knowledge goes deep into the music technique as well as Dušan has been playing and refining his competence for his entire life, thus ending up being able to play 6 different music instruments and to write over 400 songs in two years. 
Dušan is now ready to drop his first album at the end of this year: a work charged with feelings, enchanting vocals, profound lyrics, captivating melodies.

Miss You is the first single from Dušan Mitric’s upcoming LP. A catchy pop piece about love and breakup beautifully written and sung. After a more slow beginning, both voice and melody delightfully arise; nice backup vocals complete and fill all the space of this captivating piece, the perfect soundtrack for this summer. From acoustic to electric, a very nice beat, the melody of this song has the power of memories, and Dušan’s clear voice surfs it perfectly. 
A little curiosity: the claps at the beginning of the first pre-chorus are actually an homage to the famous TV series F.R.I.E.N.D.S and an indirect reference to the love this track narrates about. 
So, boost the volume and let your heart be cathartically freed by the inner romantic authenticity of Miss You
Dusan Mitric - "Miss You" Dusan Mitric - "Miss You" Reviewed by Albert Miller on 10.7.20 Rating: 5

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