Lxst - "Myself" (Video)

If Lxst’s introspective new single “Myself” is any indication, rap’s newest star is just getting started. The music video for “Myself,” dropping today via PIVTL Projects, utilizes Lxst’s unique aesthetic to explore issues of trust, self-medication, and materialism. Watch here

Immediately setting a scene deep in the forest, Lxst’s music video alludes to the darkness that so often comes with the pursuit of success: engulfed in plumes of grey smoke, Lxst’s eerie surroundings signify the inevitable solitude of paving one’s own way. 

“Myself” was created without the pressure of others’ expectations. In a highly intentional shift from the forest to his living room, Lxst uses clever visuals throughout the video to hint at the constraints of the music industry; and in standing alone from start to finish, Lxst poignantly reminds viewers that there’s only room for one at the top.
Lxst - "Myself" (Video) Lxst - "Myself" (Video) Reviewed by Albert Miller on 12.6.20 Rating: 5

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