Ricardo Dias - "O Mesmo Filme"

Ricardo Dias has been playing guitar since he was ten and his music has the same strength that only that very good old rock has: it smashes you with its energy leaving you dazed, asking for more. It is easy to appreciate and get tangled into his sound: an “alternative rock with blues in it”, as defined by Ricardo. Inspired by major bands and artists such as Queen Of The Stone Age, Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, Motorcycle Rebel Club, White Stripes, as the latter, this talented artist often displays their same configuration of two during live performances. With a creative process mainly inspired by the quest of surviving day to day struggles and challenges, Ricardo Dias is the mastermind behind each song’s birth, finding assistance only in their production phase. So don’t let yourself be fooled by the Portuguese language’s appeal and get ready to rock and roll! 

'O Mesmo Filme' ("The Same Movie") is Ricardo Dias’ first single out on the 20th of May. Scratchy guitar lines open the track that proceeds with the inclusion of drums and bass generating a reverberating tense atmosphere, the perfect base for Dias' intense yet clear voice. From a more punctuated intro, the piece enters different times into a fast-paced rhythm thus developing a clear music pattern that plays perfectly in arousing the listener at the right moments. It is impossible to deny that, with its haunting melody, this single clearly marks a remarkable debut.
Ricardo Dias - "O Mesmo Filme" Ricardo Dias - "O Mesmo Filme" Reviewed by Albert Miller on 21.5.20 Rating: 5

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