Aradia - "No One Can Stop You"

With a natural name that already incarnates some sort of energy, Aradia, promises to let the listeners discover a new music sunrise, one where the liveness of her sound will embrace you with all its light and warmth. Grown with the music in her veins, she started playing classical piano and flute at 8, guitar at 15 and she’s been writing her own songs since the age of 12. 

Her particular sound draws inspiration from the observation of the world, and human interactions, besides being directly and indirectly influenced by artists such as Blondie, Imogean Heap, Empire of the Sun, and Annie Lennox, just to name a few.
In Aradia’s past, in addition to the collaboration with the Seattle-based band called Three For T (later renamed I Am Still Emperor), she also released the 2017 single CEO. With an extensive performances’ background in local venues in Los Angeles, Seattle and New York City, her gigs are unique, an experience defined by many as  “electrifying”: she has the ability to inspire people, to guide their bodies toward the music, to warm up the atmosphere like a ray of light. 

 'No One Can Stop You' is the newest empowering single by Aradia. With its involving rhythm, it gradually becomes a real hymn not only to women’s equality and rights, but also for everybody who’s been experiencing the tough side of life. An amazing mix of synthesized atmospheres with a glimpse of that thrilling 90s vitality, this song provides a great sample of this interesting artist’s sound: an “uplifting modern retro pop” or “Goddess Power Pop”as named by her. Although its inner message is timely, there’s an intrinsic optimism that truly inspires embedded within this piece, within its harmony; something that makes it impossible not to smile and feel stronger while thinking that "no one can’t stop you now". You got to listen to it to feel it!

In Aradia’s words: “It’s time for us to Rise and Shine”!

Aradia - "No One Can Stop You" Aradia - "No One Can Stop You" Reviewed by Albert Miller on 19.2.20 Rating: 5

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