Ugly Tomorrow - "Pretty Ugly" (EP)

Ugly Tomorrow is a rising new artist from Toronto that blends genres and instrumentation in a stand out way amongst the cities current hip hop sounds. Already having a productive 2019, Ugly Tomorrow has been touring across Canada in support of acts like Xavier Wulf while working on his new EP. Now officially releasing the project titled “Pretty Ugly” on all stream services world wide, he’s eager to share the music and his journey.
Pulling influences from various genres, Ugly Tomorrow’s sound is all his own and he proves to be a solid song writer on his debut outing. Blending; hip hop, R&B, punk / rock and pop- Ugly Tomorrow’s signature haunting melodies over the emotional compositions are sure to capture the atmosphere of the impending Canadian winter.
Stand out singles off the project include “Cry Out” which is a solid example of Ugly’s sound. The single was recorded, produced and mastered in Montreal by Beau Gest and is a big track on the 5 song offering. Be on the look out for new music and visual content dropping soon!
Ugly Tomorrow - "Pretty Ugly" (EP) Ugly Tomorrow - "Pretty Ugly" (EP) Reviewed by Albert Miller on 16.12.19 Rating: 5

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