Vineyard Cries - "Confessions" (Video)

Vineyard Cries is the latest hyper-talented lyricist to emerge from the UK. He claims “I’m the son of Liam Gallagher and Erykah Badu” and we understand why! “Confession” is brutally honest and personal with lyrics that read more like a therapy session or a diary entry than a song, but Vineyard Cries stays in the pocket with a refreshing lyrical prowess and a flow that won’t stop. The piano-based beat creates an intimate feeling, as though you are the priest he is confessing to. The accompanying video is as brooding as the song with hazy effects that couldn’t be more appropriate. Vineyard Cries seems to be more interested in getting this off of his chest than he does gaining fans perhaps that genuine rawness is why so many are starting to board the Vineyard Cries train.
Vineyard Cries - "Confessions" (Video) Vineyard Cries - "Confessions" (Video) Reviewed by Albert Miller on 7.8.18 Rating: 5

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